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by Charles Schneider
Publication Date: June 2011
Details about the book: sewn hardcover with dust-jacket printed on deluxe heavy paper, cloth boards, gold and silver folio, silk ribbon, end papers and full-color frontispiece.


A bound gallery of macabre and mysterious paintings, drawings and photographs created by Charles Schneider. Each accompanied by opalescent bejeweled and outré description. Weird words which are clues to the uncharted realms within each canvas or corrupted photograph.

Charles Schneider has courted places shadowy and classically macabre for his entire life. As a young man he walked twenty miles on foot to view Dunsany castle, journeyed to the green door behind which Arthur Machen was born in Caerleon-on-Usk, ate cucumber sandwiches whilst being rowed up the Thames en route to William Morris’ Kelmscott Manor, took tea with Mervyn Peake’s wife Maeve amidst bird-skulls on a few unforgettable occasions and trod St. John's Baptist Graveyard in Providence, where both Poe and H.P. Lovecraft walked and meditated. He has acted in many films, often in rather or gruesome horrific roles. He directs dark, expressionistic films, like weird gardening and rural excursions, produces supernatural folk music and painted the post-mortem portraits for the film Art School Confidential.

Here, finally, the most extravagantly unholy volume of Passport Levant. Recommended for the solitary spirits and the students of Bruno Schulz, Jean Ray, Guy de Maupassant, Arthur Machen and Des Esseintes.


i. Osmiae Occularum: Field Notes
ii. In Situ
iii. Hybrid Revel
iv. The Map
v. Grey Man’s Journal
vi. Croppingham Fair
vii. The Brood Pouches of Theron de Casse
viii. The Temple in Ruins
ix. The Starving Spectre
x. Shadow Barge of the Khalifehs
xi. The Stereoscope
xii. The March of the Greater Abominations
xiii. Poe’s Inkwell
xiv. Night Visitation
xv. Slith Glibbelin
xvi. The Tuurngait
xvii. La Society Lumineuse du Masque Noir
xviii. Night Shackles
xix. The Street of the Waking Dream
xx. The Tricycle Rider
xxi. Mauve Embellishments
Everything really began to unravel the day she told me about a book entitled “The Mauve Embellishments.” Oh, accursed Creation, what a book! It had just been published, a mere month before, and was already ridiculously rare. The book was written by the elusive and never photographed Reginald Von Strube, a self-imposed Austrian exile, now living in Merida, Mexico. A very small, elite press out of Belarus had printed an absurdly limited run of his hugely anticipated volume of outer outré. Forty-Seven copies were printed, bound, signed in the artist’s blood and numbered. It was rumored to consist of pithy and cleverly macabre bon mots, capable of opening up the soul’s mind and unveiling forbidden wonderments. I did not care if this book would allow me to walk arm in arm with another man’s god. I did not care if the book consisted of page after page of the lowest vulgarity. I had to have it at any cost. Once I saw a copy in the window of a used bookstore I frequented. The snide owner knew what he had. He tormented me, despite the small fortune I had spent there over the years. How many Sundays had I sat there, comatose, listening to his ignorant, bookish spew. How ironic and unbearable that he should stumble upon my ultimate book.

“So sorry, it is part of my weekly display of one of a kind books. Besides, it is not for sale nor will it ever be. I plan to retire on the money I will sell it for in ten years.” I never went back to his lousy shop again. Naturally, I thought of stealing the book from him somehow. He was a cunning fellow, a crude bookman of the gun-toting sort. He’d done very bad things in an old war. He bought stolen books from drug-hungry street vultures, treating the objects like discarded teeth. It was best not to steal a book from him, even this one. All efforts failed. By no means modern nor ancient was I able to find The Mauve Embellishments…..until one day. One day which you would not forget, had you lived through it as I did."

- From "Mauve Embellishments"
The Mauve Embellishments is a full-colour illustrated sewn hardcover book of 120 pages with dust-jacket, silk ribbon, endpapers and a frontispiece. Finely illustrated by Mr. Schneider. The first 30 customers will receive an original artwork by Charles Schneider, with his signature. Collector's edition limited to only 100 hand numbered copies.

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